Trolli milk cow fruit gum with foam sugar, 150g

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Foam sugar cows with milk content and fruit gum, sorted 3 times. Without synthetic colouring.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Glucose syrup; Sugar; Santa -milk powder (5%); Gelatin; Sea means: citric acid, lactic acid; Gelling agent: pectin; Flavors; Coloring foods (elderberry, black currant, black carrot, curcuma, lemon, saflor, caramel sugar syrup); Middle of coats: beeswax, white and yellow, Carnauba wax

 Pro 100g
energy 1429kj / 336kcal
Fat 0.2G
saturated 0.2G
carbohydrates 77g
of which sugar 50g
Protein 5.4g
Salt 0.2G

Important information and allergens

Protect from heat and moisture. Contains milk

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