Playmobil 70642 - Novelmore Darios Zeppelin

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Dario Davanci's workshop invented the Zeppplin. It is an airship that can not only transport people and valuable objects with speed, but can also attack the integrated cannons from airy heights.

Dario Davanci is an advanced inventor. The knights of Novelmore are enthusiastic about their latest stroke of genius, which is an impressive zeppelin. Not only can an airship be able to transport people and valuable objects at high speed, but it is also a well -equipped machine for air raids. Thanks to their integrated cannons, Novelmore's knight can fire from above at any time. Dario and the brave knight Bruce Benett are also on board. The Burnham Raiders should be careful before this fighting air executives!

The Furnishing The game consists of Dario Davanci, the creator of the Novelmore characters, Ritter Bruce Benett, a Zeppelin with operational cannons, water floor arrows, a treasure map, a treasure chest, a shield, sword, a gold sack and numerous other exciting extras to get a fantastic flight adventure experience. The Zeppelin has space for two people and can drive on the floor with its bikes.

Accesories: 2 Knights of Novelmore with accessories such as a Zeppelin, three cannons, a boat hook, a flagpole, a litter with a string, a steering wheel, a flag, a shield, a sword, a compass, a treasure chest, four hooks, a gold sack, three arrows , four sandbags, a treasure map, a keychain, two pairs of Arman cuffs, a hat and a helmet.

Mass approx. (LXTXH) cm: 320 x 165 x 305
Recommended from 4 years.