Trolli Bizzl Mix - extra sour fruit gum, 150g

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Extra-sour, sweetened fruit gum mixture. Suitable for vegetarians. Fat free.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Sugar; glucose syrup; modified starch (potato, tapioca); acidulants: citric acid, lactic acid; Acidity regulators: calcium citrates, sodium citrates; flavors; coloring foods (black currant, black carrot, turmeric, red radish, safflower, red grape, cherry); Dye: Brilliant Blue FCF

Calorific value: 345.00 kilocalories (kcal) Calorific value: 1,465.00 kilojoules (kJ) Fat: 0.00 Fat, of which saturated fatty acids: 0.00 Carbohydrates: 83.00 Carbohydrates, of which sugar: 52.00 Protein: 0 Salt: 0.40

Important information and allergens

Protect from heat and moisture. Contains traces of Wheat

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