Toxic waste selection pack, extra acidic gift box, 295g

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For all "Sauer lovers", TOXIC-WASTE offers a fine selection of extremely acidic candy that you absolutely have to have. Who dares?

In this set there are the absolute highlights from the toxic-socket range, which is really not for the faint of heart. Delicious candies, chewing montors and chewing gum put their flavor nerves with their particularly acidic taste. A delicious pleasure in which some people take their face with fun.

In this set you will receive the following varieties:

  •  3x nuclear sludge chewing counter strips
  •  2x sour candy barrels
  •  1x smog balls
  •  1x Atomic Bon Bons
  •  1x goop gum

Ingredients and nutritional values

Sugar, glucose syrup, acidic acid (citric acid, apple acid), maltodextrin, gelling agent (rubber tabic), flavors, dextrose, modified corn starch, palm oil, emulgator (E471, Sojalecithin), Cover (beeswax), hydrated vegetable oil (palm, soy), Hydrolized soybean protein, dyes (E141, E160C, E161B, E162, E163, E133, E100).


Nutritional information per 100 gr./Ml.
Calority 1590 kj
380 kcal
carbohydrates 92 GR
of that: Sugar 88 GR
Protein 0 GR
Fat 0 GR
of that: saturated fat acids 0 GR
Salt 0,01 GR


Important information and allergens

Contains soy

Yes Sense No Unknown
Sugar free
Gelatin free
Gluten free
Nuts and peanuts free
Lactose free
Soy free
Free from AZO dyes (info)


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