Playmobil 70832 - Stunshow Düsenjet Eagle

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Playmobil Düsenjet Eagle 70832 Stunshow

Ready for unique flight maneuvers? Then it is nothing more than getting in to the impressive jet jet "Eagle" for an Air Stuntshow.

The pilot climbs into the cockpit of the jet via the stairs and puts on his helmet. He starts the engine and prepares for the flight. He is already in height in a short time and, with full concentration, carries out the most impressive works of art around the two large pylons.

It is an extraordinary flight show! The nozzle jet has a engine turbine that can be rotated and a recovery motor. It is possible to fold each of the three chassis of the aircraft individually. Thanks to the suction cups on the feet, the pylons can also be easily attached to smooth surfaces.

Characters: A pilot

Accesories: A nozzle jet 'Eagle', two footprints for pylons, two sub -parts for pylons, two plug -in parts for pylons, a ladder, two display boards, a pilot helmet with a movable visor and a breast shell.

It is not suitable for children under the age of three. Due to the small swallowability, there is a risk of suffocation.