Playmobil 70831 - Stunshow double -decker Phoenix

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Playmobil 70831 - Double -decker Phoenix Stuntshow


It is now being withdrawn. In the exciting aerobatic course, the impressive Air Stuntshow double -decker "Phoenix" is on a trip. If the engine starts, the propeller turns and after a short acceleration on the roller field, the double -decker rises in the sky.

The pilot seems to carry out breathtaking tricks and grind to fly the two large pylons. During the next maneuver she approaches the black pylone and hits her at the top, causing the folding mechanism. The flight show is really a great success!

The aircraft has five different engine noises that change depending on the inclination of the biplane. Thanks to the suction cups on the feet, the pylons can also be easily attached to smooth surfaces. There is indicated on the signs at the foot of the pylons.

  • With 5 different engine noises, such as the starting engine, running engine, descent, climbing flight and the motor (2 x 1.5 V-micro batteries required), as well as destroyable pylons for recording exciting aerobatic course.

Mass aircraft: 34 x 38 x 15.5 cm (LXTXH)

Characters: 1 woman, 1 man

Accesories: 1 double-decker "phoenix", 2 footprints for pylons, 2 pylon sub-parts, 2 pylon onklocks, 2 exchange propellers, 1 exchange tool, 2 display boards, 1 clamping board, 1 palette, 1 screw, 1 pilot helmet, 1 peaked cap, 1 Couple of Arman creatures

Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking risk due to the swallowable small parts.