Playmobil 70746 - Violet Vale - demon portal

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Playmobil Novelmore 70746 - Violet Vale - Demon portal
In this eerie demon site, Haust Umbrathor - Wizard of the Dark Powers!

With the help of its magical portal, Umbrathor conjures up uncanny demons. His goal is to donate unrest in Violet Vale and to tear the power itself. The magician climbs on the upper floor of the ruin via the knitting conductors, here the altar is to summon the demons. Umbrathor speaks a spell, swings his bat and the next moment the stone slab of the altar breaks and a devilish little demon jumps out. The evil little guy frees your big demon friend from the dungeon and the two remove the dust. Nothing good is certainly to be expected from these understood creatures! The game set contains the dark Novel moral magic and Vermithor, a two-story demon portal with a dungeon and altar, two demons, a bat, mask and many other magical extras. The altar plate can be blown away via a mechanism.
Figures: 2 magicians, 1 large demon, 1 small demon accessories: 1 helmet, 1 cloak, 2 pairs of Arman creatures, 1 belt, 1 belt buckle, 1 amulet chain, 1 diadem, 1 skull, 1 book, 1 spring, 1 smoked boiler, 1 standing desk , 1 phiola, 2 magical stones, 2 small faces, 3 large torches, 1 parchment pocket, 1 plan, 2 magic bars, 1 stone slab, 2 candlesticks, 3 decorative elements, 1 knitting ladder.
Danger! Not suitable for children under 36 months
Danger! Contains small parts that can be swallowed. Choking risk.