Hot Chip STRIPS - Lime Habanero, 80g

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This edition of medium hot strips with lime and famous Habanero chili will be appreciated by both a chili lover and a mere mortal. Balanced taste and high quality ingredients ensure a unique experience that you will be happy to repeat.

In contrast to classic chips, they are made from legumes, which has several advantages. They are rich in protein, they are gluten-free, their ingredients are completely vegan, and if you look for preservatives or colors in them, you will not be successful. There are none.

Balanced, high-quality ingredients make this delicacy a healthy snack that you can pack on the go or enjoy after training.

They are also a unique source of fiber, protein and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

 - Legume delicacy
 - unique chili protein strips
 - Source of vegetable proteins and fiber
 - natural content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
 - does not contain gluten or lactose
 - suitable for vegans
 - without preservatives, colorings and GMOs

Ingredients and nutritional values

Pea flour 81%, rapeseed oil, chia seeds, sea salt, chili smoked jalapeño 1.3%, chili habaneros 1.3%, sugar, carrots, garlic, onions, parsnips, parsley, spice mix, yeast extract.