Haribo Color -Rado - Maxi - Mix bag with delicious fruit gum, liquorice and foam sugar, 320g

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Mixing of licorice, fruit gum and foam sugar. Without synthetic colouring. Whoever tried them will love them. 

Ingredients and nutritional values

Glucose syrup; Sugar; brown sugar syrup; WHEAT FLOUR; Dextrose; Gelatin; Strength; Milk sugar; Palm fat; Calancial extract (3 % based on the licorice content); Coconut flashing; Sea means: citric acid; Lean milk powder; Fruit juice made of fruit juice concentrate: apple, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, pineapple; Aroma; light cocoa powder; Saline; Fruit and plant concentrate: saflor, carrot, apple, beetroot, spirulina, paprika, elderberry, black currant, lemon, orange, pumpkin, hibiscus, tomato, kiwi, aronia, grape, mango, passion fruit; Caramel syrup; Elderberry extract; Gelling agent: agar agar; Middle of covers: beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax; Separator: Talkum; Invert sugar syrup

 Pro 100g
energy 1518 kJ / 358 kcal
Fat 2.2g
saturated 1.4g


of which sugar 55g
Protein 4.3g
Salt 0.26g

Important information and allergens

Protect from heat and moisture. Can traces of Wheat and milk contain. 

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