Fini Zombie Mouth Painter - tongue -coloring hard caramel with chewing makers, 200 pieces

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Fini-tongue-coloring extras acid hard caramels with chewing gum core with strawberry taste. Gluten free. 200 pieces in the display box.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Sugar, glucose syrup, chewing gum (sugar, glucose syrup, rubber base (Sojalecithin), Aroma, moisture medication (glycerin)), acidic agent (citric acid, apple acid), aroma, emulsifier (E471), coatantodition (beeswax, carnala wax, shellac), vegetable oils (palm, coconut), dye (turmeric, brilliant blue FCF).

 Pro 100g
energy 1462 KJ / 344 kcal
Fat 0G
saturated 0G
carbohydrates 86g
of which sugar 73g
Protein 0G
Salt 0.2G

Important information and allergens

Protect from heat and moisture. Contains soy

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