FC Ventilator Trigger fan unicorn with function and candies

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Funny Candy Unicorn fan is the fan for all unicorn lovers. Because with this Mini propeller you always keep a cool head. It is enough and a pressure on the lever on the front and it is already turning. The unicorns are pink, blue and white in the colors. And as a refreshment, there are a few candies in the bottom. This is how summer can come. Now let the unicorn cool your mind!

Ingredients and nutritional values

Dextrose, glucose syrup, acid gulcator (citronic acid), flavors, separating agents (magnesium salts of food acids), coating agent (Carnaubawachs), dyes (E100, E120, E133).

Nutritional information per 100 gr./Ml.
Calority 1 638,56 kj
392,00 kcal
carbohydrates 94,00 GR
of that: Sugar 87,00 GR
Protein 0,00 GR
Fat 1,10 GR
of that: saturated fat acids 1,00 GR
Salt 0,00 GR


Important information and allergens

Protect from heat and moisture.