Dr. Sour The Game, 80g

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Snacking and playing! Dr. Sour has a brilliant idea to make the day funnier. It is time to throw the cube and to decide the fate which of the acid candies you or your guests should eat.

    Ingredients and nutritional values

    Sugar, acid regulator (E330), salt, corn, fructose syrup, separating agent (E470B), corn starch, aroma, rubber tabic, dyes (E133, E141, E153, E161B, E162).


    Nutritional information per 100 gr./Ml.
    Calority 1526 kj
    365 kcal
    carbohydrates 84,34 GR
    of that: Sugar 83,40 GR
    Protein 0 GR
    Fat 0 GR
    of that: saturated fat acids 0 GR
    Salt 0,6 GR

    Important information and allergens

    Protect from heat and moisture. 

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