Dr. Pepper Strawberries & Cream USA drink, 355ml

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Look forward to a strawberry-cream grade from the latest Dr.Pepper. Enjoy this drink best. 

Ingredients and nutritional values

Mineral water, glucose fructose syrup, less than 2%of: sugar acid, natural and artificial aromas, sodium benzoat (preservatives), phosphoric acid, caffeine (11 gr/100 ml), sodium phosphate.

Nutritional information per 100 gr./Ml.
Calority 177,00 kj
42,00 kcal
carbohydrates 11,27 GR
of that: Sugar 10,99 GR
Protein 0,00 GR
Fat 0,00 GR
of that: saturated fat acids 0,00 GR
Salt 0,04 GR


Important information and allergens

Caffeine refreshment drink. For children and pregnant women or breastfeeding women not recommended (11.6mg/ 100 ml). The daily consumption amount recommended above must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be consumed as a replacement for a balanced diet. A doctor or nutritionist should be consulted for health complaints or questions about taking. Store cool and dry, as well as keep children out of children outside! A healthy lifestyle is as important as a balanced diet. 

Yes Sense No Unknown
Sugar free
Gelatin free
Gluten free
Nuts and peanuts free
Lactose free
Soy free
Free from AZO dyes (info)

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