Bomba Energy drinks - different varieties, 250 ml

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    Let the bomb burst! With the Bomba Energy Drink you will experience an explosion in different flavors. 
    Try them all! Light the grenade by pulling the ring!
    Pure energy - boooom!

    Ingredients and nutritional values

    Classic: water, sugar, acid agent (citric acid, lactic acid), carbon dioxide, acid gulk (sodium citrate), aroma, roasted sugar, caffeine (0.03%), taurine (0.03%), inosit (0.02%), vitamins (Niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12), preservatives (sodium benzoat), dyes (Ammonsulfit Karamell, Riboflavin).

    Pink: Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidic agent (citronic acid), acid regulator (sodium citrate), aroma, caffeine (0.03%), taurine (0.03%), inosit (0.02%), vitamins (niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 , Vitamin B12), preservatives (sodium benzoat), stabilizer (glycerin tester of wooden colophonium), dyes (allura red, brilliant blue FCF).

    Mojito: Water, sugar, acidic acid (citronic acid), carbon dioxide, aroma, acid regulator (sodium citrate), caffeine (0.03%), taurine (0.03%), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), inosit (0.02%), vitamins (niacin , Pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin B12), preservatives (sodium benzoat), stabilizers (rubber arabic, sucronose acetatisobuth), dyes (brilliant blue FCF, betaCaroteen).

    Nutritional values ​​on the flavor Classic:

    Nutritional values per 100 ml/g
    Seat value in KJ 208 kJ
    Seat value in Kcal 49 kcal
    Fat 0 g
    hereof: saturated fatty acids 0 g
    carbohydrates 11.3 g
    of which sugar 11.2 g
    Protein 0.00 g
    Salt 0.3 g


    Consumption recommendation

    A maximum of one can per day. 

    Important instructions

    Increased caffeine content. For children and pregnant or breastfeeding women not recommended (caffeine content up to 32mg/100ml). Not recommended for people who are sensitive to caffeine. Consume in moderate quantities. Not recommended to mix with alcohol.

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