Ahoj fizzy candies - delicious candy sticks with lemon, raspberry and cola flavor, 69g

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3 individually wrapped lemon, raspberry and cola flavored fizzy candy bars.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Sugar, maltodextrin, acidulant: L(+)-tartaric acid and citric acid, acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate, vegetable fats (rapeseed), fully hydrogenated, glucose syrup, starch, anti-caking agents: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, flavors, beetroot juice concentrate, coloring agents : carotenes, true carmine and curcumin.

 pro 100g
Energy 1605 kJ / 378 kcal
Fat 1.6g
saturated with it 1.6g
carbohydrates 87g
of which sugar


Protein 0g
Salt 0g

Important information and allergens

Protect from heat and moisture. 

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