Ramune Sakura Pop Soda Refreshment drink with watermelon taste from Japan, 200ml (copy)

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Ramune is a refreshing and tingling Japanese drink and means "lemonade". The bottle is closed with a glass marble. You should push these marble into the bottle so that the ramune bubbles. Ramune is a very popular soft drink in Japan. And the salted watermelone Ramune from the Japanese beverage regulator Hata-Kosen is a taste that you just have to try! This Japanese lemonade is sweet and refreshing, everything you expect from a drink with watermelon flavor. But there is also a slightly salty note, the Japanese taste secret! This ramune drink from Japan is absolutely unique and absolutely delicious! 

Ingredients and nutritional values

Sugar, glucose fluid mixture, salt, preservative E290, aroma, acid g then e330 and/or E331, fruit dye

Average nutritional value per 100 ml:

Energy value 171 kJ / 41 kcal
Fat 0 gr
saturated fat 0g
Carbohydrates 10.2 g
Of which sugar 10.2 g
Protein 0g
Salt 0.4 g


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