Belgian luxury chocolates classic mix - 25 pieces, 345g

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  • Great gift - the perfect gift for every occasion or simply to enjoy yourself. Experience the exquisite flavor in this luxurious packaging. 25 Belgian chocolates with natural ingredients and fruits
    Caluwé produces craft in the third generation. The caramel is made from the unique Beurre d’Asigny. Traditional handicrafts in its puristic shape Praline with vanilla filling made of milk chocolate or dark chocolate with a caramel ganache. The airy crème brulée with hazelnuts.


  • Belgian chocolates

    A classic of Belgian Pralineurs Art. 19 different chocolates the perfect gift for every occasion or simply to enjoy yourself


    • Among them, for example, caramel with passion fruit, raspberry pieces covered with cranberry covered with dark chocolate, orange ganache, hazelnut with cookies, maple syrup hazelnut wrapped in white chocolate and many more delicious.
    • Luxurious mix of various high -quality Belgian chocolates, 240g
    • Manual production. Made in Belgium. Fresh and high quality of selected, delicately melting chocolates
    • Belgian chocolates enjoy a luxury product worldwide. Made from valuable ingredients, Belgian chocolates are a pleasure for young and old.

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